About Pockets 8 Ball Club

We aim to develop cuesports through out New Zealand. We aim to have our sport recognised as the most played sport in the country and to be treated as an official sport. Pockets has been in operation for approximately 10 years. In this time we have provided our members with a club that is second to none nationally.

As a pool player you will find we have the facilities that allow us to encourage and promote cue sports for the social and competitive player.

Pockets 8 Ball Club in Tokoroa is known as the "hub" of pool.

Throughout the last few years Pockets 8 Ball Club's support has helped many members achieve numerous titles locally, nationally and internationally. The pool playing community in New Zealand is envious of our fantastic facilities and the environment we have created which allows our club members to achieve milestones and recognition through their personal achievements.

We provide for all our members an environment that enables them to practice and compete at all levels and all stages are catered for by our club. This is crucial for personal development and influences individual peaks and milestones.

Anything is possible with hard work and commitment, but results are not achievable if you don't have the correct equipment and facilities or the support and encouragement of your Club committee and fellow members.

Our pool players have an extremely busy calendar as they compete in Club nights, local & regional events on a regular basis, we also have many players who compete internationally at World events. It is obvious as in any sport, the more you practice and compete, the better player you can be!!!

Pockets have made a "name" for ourselves as we are known for always having representatives of a high caliber but also well presented, well behaved and supportive of each other and fellow players. This sportsmanship that is always acknowledged stems back to our clubs rules and behaviour codes that we are proud to have installed in our players - particularly our  juniors!

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good is our motto!!!!!!!!!

Pockets also have darts and bowls players who compete regularly in local, regional and Oceania events. These competitors have also achieved personal milestones and are a credit to our district as ambassadors of their sport.

Pockets 8 Ball Club continues to support many schools, churches, sports groups, dance groups, youth activities and community events.

Pockets 8 Ball Club has hosted over the years many events incuding National & Oceania tournaments. It is a credit to us that these tournaments are run in a professional manner and we pride ourselves in the fact we have the appropriate venue and facilities that enables us to host events that are considered to be thte best in New Zealand and Australia.

Pockets is a proactive club and we are extending into other sports as we would like to provide as many activities for our members as possible!!